Love, Love my special ordered necklace!! Wore it Christmas and got so many compliments on it!! Thank You so much!! 

The Jeweled Diva has earned a well respected reputation for her spectacular color combinations. We encourage you to visit the traveling showcase to pick out one of her exquisite designs.

You can also design your own combination, and she will put it together for you.

Design you own crystal jewelry!

  • Pick your color(s)
  • Pick your stone size
  • Pick out your setting

Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipments to arrive.

Colors available in 11MM 

Green Tourmaline        Bronze Gold                 Violet                       Topaz

Tanzanite                    Smoked Topaz               Siam                       Sapphire

 Peridot                         Olivine                     Montana                   Light Siam

 Light Sapphire          Light Peach           Light Colorado             Light Amethyst

 Jonquil                     Hematite Jet                Jet                         Hyacinth

Golden Beryl               Garnet                       Fuchsia                     Emerald

 AB Crystal                     Clear                       Citrine                     Capri Blue

 Blue Zircon                Aquamarine              Black Diamond             Amethyst

Colors available in 11MM Rivoli

       Jet                           Vitrail                  Vitrail Light                 Violet

 Vintage rose                    Topaz                  Tanzanite                 Tangerine

 Sunflower                    Smoked topaz           Silver shade                Silver night

 Silk                                   Siam                     Sapphire                   Rose peach

Rose gold                          Rose                       Peridot                  Padparadscha

 Olivine                         Montana             Metallic sunshine         Luminous Green

 Lilac shadow                Turqouise                     Light silk              Light siam

Light Sapphire             Light Rose                 Light Peach             Colorado Topaz

 Light Amethyst           Iridescent Green       Golden Shadow               Fuchsia

 Emerald                       Denim Blue               Dark Moss Green           AB Crystal

 Crystal                          Chrysolite                   Blush Pink                 Blue shade

 Black diamond               Aquamarine               Antique Pink               Amethyst

6mm  SS 29

8.5mm  SS 39

11mm   SS 47

12mm  SS 50 

14mm  SS 60    Round rivoli only

18MM   SS 75    Round rivoli only

22 crystals. 2 shades of green. Crystal size: 8.5 mm Antique brass setting.