Are you Diva enough to wear this line of jewelry? 

This collection is BIG, BEAUTIFUL, and BOLD! This collection is REAL gemstones set in beautiful sterling silver, and it is easy on your wallet. These pieces will become heirloom pieces and offer the best investment for you and your family. This jewelry offers a prestigious and classy statement, but it will still compliment any attire. And yes, you can wear these pieces anywhere! 

This collection is Susan's favorite collection, because she believes there is nothing more beautiful than a collection of gemstones in a beautiful designed piece. She believes these pieces look like art work for your neck!

"Stop paying the same prices for costume jewelry!!! This pieces will last a lifetime, can be passed on to your children, and hold it's value or even increase in value!" 

Susan Miller

Blue Snake Quartz set in sterling silver.

The setting of this piece is almost hidden and it beautifully displays the cool blue of this snake quartz. The snake like design in each gemstone captures the light and dances inside each gemstone. This will be perfect with any cool collection you might be wearing, or coordinate a dramatic ensemble by paring this up with your warm brown or cream colors.

18" long

58 grams of gemstones


Mystic Topaz and quartz set in sterling silver.

This STUNNING piece will generate nothing but compliments! The mystic topaz creates a rainbow light show and it will mach ANYTHING that you are wearing! The mystic topaz on either side will dance with colors of pink, teal, green, purple, blue, fuschia and silver. The mystic topaz in the center will dance with colors of gold, purple, green, pink, and soft amber.

18" long

34 grams of gemstones


Multi Stones set in sterling silver

(Black onyx, garnet, multi quartz)

This necklace offers a touch of Diva style! 

The classic design enhances the sparkling of the collection  

18" long

 20 grams of gemstones


 Faceted Smokey Topaz with Mother of Pearl carved cameo set in sterling silver.

This necklace is romantic and mysterious!

If that is your personality, then you need this necklace. The darkness of the smokey topaz is almost black, and the facets create a brilliant brown fire within each gemstone. The beautiful gemstones compliments the simple but yet classic carving in the mother of pearl cameo.

18" long

62 grams of gemstones


Green Faceted Amethyst set in sterling silver.

This cool green amethyst will match anything that you are wearing!

The sparkle and fire of the amethyst will catch the eyes of many, and give a very rich aurora. This unique design offers a modern and eclectic look that will describe your personality and uniqueness.

18" long

64 grams of gemstones